How to Get Cheap Food in Brussels

Chocolate, waffles, fries! And you are in luck because Brussels is good in all three of them! Food in Brussels is amazing. It is a no-brainer that people flock to Brussels in search of the creamiest chocolate, the best waffles or the crispiest fries. 

While the food in Brussels can take up a big portion of your travel budget, it doesn’t have to be! No matter what your budget is like, you can definitely find something here that fits your budget.  

These are the places in Brussels that you need to know when it comes to food in Brussels! I have arranged them according to their price range!

Chocolate in Brussels - Must eat!

Chocolate in brussels food in brussels

The first thing that people associated with food in Brussels is often the chocolate. 

Chocolate in Brussels are not cheap, but they are not too expensive either for the quality.

When buying chocolate, make sure to get chocolate by the kilo in a bag (en vrac)! It’s the cheapest way to get these precious delish! 

Buying them in beautiful boxes will often cost more. Some boxes could cost 8 euros (included in the displayed price). 

Depending on where you go and what you buy, it costs 20-40 euros per kilo. 

When there are sales going on, 3 kilos of chocolate cost around 50 euros for a certain kind of chocolates. Get some friends to go together and shop for some chocolate in Brussels!

Cheap: Chocolates in Brussels are of very high standard. The chocolate that you could find in Belgian supermarkets is already pretty good. 

Many specialised chocolatiers mass produce chocolates and stock them at most supermarkets. 

Get the most out of your buck with Cote d’Or. They also sell chocolate spread which I was in love with. 

Moderate: Chocolate in Brussels is no longer a niche – there are so many chocolatiers! 

Visit Leonidas Chocolate Factory Outlet. They allow free tasting. It is one of the best way to experience chocolate in Brussels. Besides, Leonidas is cheaper amongst the specialised chocolatiers. 

Prefer something more premium? Opt for Galler or Neuhaus

Splurge: I am sure you have heard of Godiva. It’s famous all around the world. If you could already get Godiva from your home country, why not try something else?

If you want something more local, head to Elisabeth Chocolaterie or Maison Pierre Marcolini (which also has some international presence but less so compared to Godiva)! 

Waffles in Brussels - food in Brussels

waffles in brussels cream belgian flag
Belgian waffles, one of the must-try food in Brussels!

How can people forget about waffles when it comes to food in Brussels? 

My friend from Ghent told me that he could eat waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It is an inseparable part of the Belgian diet. 

A typical waffle in Brussels have that caramelisation at the surface gives the waffle a great but subtle crust. The buttery goodness paired with a slight tinge of burnt flavour, the waffles here reminds me of all the reasons why I love food in Brussels!

These are the best places to hunt down the best waffles in Brussels.

Cheap: There are many 1-2 euro waffles in Brussels city centre but they are not that great. 

One of the better ones is Le Funambule. It’s strategically located in the centre of Brussels. It advertises as 1.50 euros for a waffle.

Bear in mind that the topping can add up to the price very quickly! Just get an empty waffle if you wanna save money. 

Moderate: My favourite food in Brussels is the waffle from Vitalgaufre. A waffle costs around 3 euros and will cost more if you add more toppings. 

It is centrally located in the CBD of Brussels. The high windows allow them to nicely display all the waffles that they have to offer. 

Get the Liege waffle, which is the more authentic waffles with no fancy toppings whatsoever. 

Splurge: If you want the best waffle, go to Maison Dandoy

Starting at a price of 4.50 euros, their waffles are on the higher end. 

It was the best Belgian waffle that I have had in my life (thanks to my host who brought me there).  

I highly recommend not having any toppings but if you need to, get speculoos!!!!!!! I’m a speculoos convert after my first try.

"French" Fries - typical food in Brussels

Fries in Brussels Belgium
Do you know that French fries are not actually from France? It's from Belgium, making it of the food that you must try in Belgium.

When people are in a hunt for Belgian food in Brussels, they must not miss out on the fries. 

Once you are in Brussels, many people will mansplain to you about the origin of French fries. It’s not actually from France, but Belgium. 

And that means Belgians really know how to make some good fries! 

CheapFriterie Tabora offers one of the cheapest packets of fries in Brussels. It is centrally located. 

Besides the typical sauces like Samouraï, Brazil and Andalouse, Friterie Tabora offers their own sauces like Tunisienne, Algerienne and Marocaine. 

Worth trying out if you are looking for something exotic and cheap!

Moderate: If you are around Parlamentarium/ Leopold park area, please go to Maison Antoine! It’s incredibly good and well-known among the Belgians. 

Get some fries and head to Leopold park to chill! 

Splurge: Want to splurge on some good fries? Look nowhere else and head straight to Frites Atelier

Apart from fries, Frites Atelier also offer other bourgeois/ gourmet dishes. 

Although they might not be wallet-friendly, they are definitely tastebud-friendly.

Other food in Brussels worthy of a shoutout!

Aux Merveilleux: I was told about the famous Merveilleux pastry (probably one of the harder French word to say) when I was travelling in Lille. My host from Lille told me that if I’m going to Brussels, I have to try the authentic Merveilleux, which is originally from Belgium! Merveilleux means marvellous, which the pastry totally fits the description! Head nowhere else but Aux Merveilleux de Fred!

Plat du jour: One of the best things about food in Brussels is that Bruxellois love a good lunch menu. The working class comes out of their offices like an exodus to take advantage of the plat du jour (plate of the day) or the menu du jour (menu of the day). Restaurants and bistros in Brussels of all kinds come together and slash prices down to attract people to dine in. 

Syrian food: Less than 10 euros for a menu? At My Tannour, get a full menu for just €9.50! If you just want the tannour, a falafel tannour you set you back at just €5! Oh by the way, did I say that the food here is very instagrammable as well?

Greek street food: If you are missing some Mediterranean flavours, head to Snack Athènes for some cheap eats. You could get a huge plate for around €10! We ordered 2 plates and shared it among three of us… It was too much for us!

If you want something more Flemish/French/Belgian, bear in mind that their prices can be higher. This is the time where you should take advantage of the lunch menu. A few restaurants worth mentioning are:

  • Le Marmiton, set menu for around 25 euros
  • Chou, entree and main for 23 euros, complement with wine = 30 euros
  • Chez Richard – gourmet dishes for less than 15 euros

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Where to stay in Brussels?


Stay in a dorm at Meininger Hotels Bruxelles City Center. It is the highest-rated hotel in the city centre. For such a strategic location, you are only paying 20 euros per night! Imagine all the public transport ticket that you could save on because you could just walk everywhere to find the best food in Brussels!


Happy Guesthouse is located in the centre of it all. Because it’s a small establishment, your money spent is contributing to the local economy! However, due to the size, make sure you book early because! It is also one of the best-rated guesthouse in the city so make sure you get in there quick!


Rated at an unbeatable rating of 9.9/10, you have gotta see Louise Sur Cour for yourself! Get ready to be treated like a Belgian king. I mean, just look at the bathroom! It is also conveniently located right next to Louis metro station, making your visit to finds food in Brussels so much easier!

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All the food places and restaurants in Brussels that you need to know before going to Brussels! Recommended by locals, this post breaks down all the restaurants according to the different price range so you could enjoy food in Brussels without worrying too much about the cost! #foodinbrussels #brusselstravel #europeitinerary #foodie #europe
All the food places and restaurants in Brussels that you need to know before going to Brussels! Recommended by locals, this post breaks down all the restaurants according to the different price range so you could enjoy food in Brussels without worrying too much about the cost! #foodinbrussels #brusselstravel #europeitinerary #foodie #europe

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