Prague Itinerary 3 Days

Updated on the 4/4/2020

Prague is a well-preserved medieval city. It avoided the most of the devastation of wars – except that one time when the Americans bombed Prague as they thought that it was Dresden. 

Crisscrossed with cobblestone streets, this city also lures people with its magnificent castles, sunrise-shuttering nightlife, tantalising cuisine, weird museums and eerie monasteries. 

The sole reason why I went to Prague was because I wanted to visit my friend, without much intention to explore what Prague has to offer. 

I was in Prague for Christmas and it was love at first sight. It was my first time celebrating Christmas in such a cliché, dramatic setting. White Christmas in Prague, Christmas presents, mulled wine, hot chocolate and an elaborated Czech-styled Christmas dinner… Prague will always have a special place in my heart.

Don’t let the number of tourists deter you from visiting Prague. One glimpse of the Prague castle will make the battling with the hordes of tourists worth it. 

This 3-day Prague itinerary will help you out on planning what to do and where to eat in Prague. Feel free to modify it to fit your length of stay.

Day one - 3 Days in Prague

Walking Tour

Start off your Prague itinerary by joining a walking tour to get yourself oriented to this city. There are heaps of walking tour options for you to choose from (and some of them are free). Most of them start at the Old Town Square.

My favourite one is by Sandemans New Europe Tour. They run free tours which take you to the major attractions in the city. The earliest one starts at 10:00 am but if you arrive at the city later, you can consider joining the latest one, which is at 2:00 pm. It runs for 3 hours. Make sure you reserve your spot online a day or two before.

For a personal experience, sign up for the 6-hour city tour – it includes a cruise ticket and a scrumptious lunch! 

Old Town Square

The walking tour is quite hasty, so you don’t get to see much of the Old Town Square. Go back to the Old Town Square and you can choose to:

  • Explore the underground catacombs showcasing Prague during the Medieval Period.
  • See the Astronomical clock, although I think the hourly chime is overrated. The mechanical design of the clock was considered one of the wonders of the world back in the Middle ages. It’s been running for 600 years and the time is still precise as of now.
  • Visit the majestic cathedrals that are ringing the square. I personally like Tyn more than St. Nicholas. Check out their official websites to see if there is any free classical concert.
  • Just hang around! Dine in at one of the alfresco restaurants and watch the world goes by.

Klementinum Library

Just look at how amazing the interior of Klementinum Library is.

This is one of the most gorgeous (if not the most) libraries I have seen. The baroque library hall is stunning.

However, entry to this magnificent library is only limited to people who paid for a tour, which includes the Astronomical clock and the monasteries. Find out here.

Another way to enter this library is to pay for an hour-long classical concert at the Mirror Chapel. Tickets info can be found here.

Day Two - Prague Itinerary for 3 days

Prague Castle and The Charles Bridge by John McSporran (CC-BY, via Flickr)

Castle Complex

Start your second day of your Prague itinerary by exploring the largest ancient castle in the world. Bear in mind that it’s a large castle complex so you’d need plenty of time to fully explore it.

The castle complex includes:

  • St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Old Royal Palace,
  • St. George’s Basilica,
  • Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower,
  • Powder Tower,
  • Rosenberg Palace

Tickets come in packages, and they all have different prices. Check their official website for more info on pricing and opening hours. If you’re a student, bring your student card to enjoy a 50% off.

Just outside the castle ground, there is a lookout point where you can oversee the whole city. If you want to have a coffee, there’s a Starbucks over there as well.

The ticket is valid for two days. So if you can’t finish visiting them all today, continue tomorrow if you want.

There are two lines before you can get into the castle complex. The first one is the line to get a ticket. The second one is for security check. Consider getting a skip-the-line ticket because that first line is horrible. 

To get a comprehensive tour of the castle, sign up for a cheap tour

Café Savoy

Cafe Savoy by Kent Wang (CC-BY-SA, via Flickr)

Café Savoy is recommended by my friend from the Czech Republic. With breathtaking interior design and architecture, this café is a destination itself. 

Café Savoy a good place to stop for lunch as it’s located at Malá Strana (the same side as the castle). If you are not a fan of pastry, try their signature beef cheek goulash and I’m sure it will blow your mind.

Petřín Hill

After that scrumptious lunch, head to Petřín which is a hill covered by parks entirely. The main attraction here is the Petřín lookout tower, which mysteriously resembles Eiffel tower. 

Other attractions include:

  • Mirror maze
  • Rose garden
  • Memorial to the victims of Communism
  • Štefánik’s Observatory

Lennon Wall

Lennon wall by Huhnbeauftragter (CC-BY-SA, via Flickr)

Yes, like John Lennon. Before the Communist Era, this wall was just an ordinary wall. Toward the end of Communism, young Czechs air their grievances by writing John Lennon lyrics on this particular wall. If you want to, you can also write or paint on it too! 

Charles Bridge

This is one of the most beautiful bridges I’ve seen, and that explains why there are so many tourists around.

However, this is also a pickpocketing hotspot so take care of your belongings. I know this sounds really old but please don’t put your wallet in your back pocket. It’s nice to look at the souvenirs and the people painting there but at the same time, be aware of your surroundings.

Stay for the sunset. The sunset here is to die for.

U Zlatého Tygra (The golden tiger)

Our tour guide recommended U zlatého tygra (which is a beer hall) to our tour group and a lot of us went here for dinner. The dinner was so good that a few of us came back here the next day!

The food here is fantastic. Make sure that you get yourself a Pilsner beer, which is a really famous Czech beer. You can try one of their many fruit beers as well.

If you are adventurous enough, try out their tatarak, which is a really traditional Czechoslovakian dish prepared with raw beef mince and raw egg.

If you are serious about food, get Vladimir and Ursa to offer you a real Czech foodie experience

Day Three - 3 Days Itinerary In Prague

Beautiful Vyšehrad view from the opposite bank.


Few people know about the existence of this beautiful castle. Means what? Fewer people are gonna photobomb in your photo.

Vyšehrad was also a castle for the Kings of Prague back in those days. It also contains one of the oldest surviving buildings in Prague, which is the Rotunda of St. Martin from the 11th century. 

Vyšehrad also provides a spectacular upriver view of the other side.

Dancing House

Dancing House by Alex LA (CC-BY-SA, via Flickr)

Take a relaxing stroll along the river towards the city and you will see the famous dancing house. Prior to its construction, the biggest concern was that the dancing house was too outstanding compared to its humble neighbours like the Art Nouveau and Baroque houses. Upon finishing, the building looks so peculiar that it raised many fiery debates and dramas.

Another name for the building is “Fred and Ginger”, which are two dancers. The glass tower is Ginger and the concrete tower is Fred. Work your imagination; It’s called the Dancing House for a reason.

Restaurace U Provaznice

Pub food is really popular in the Czech Republic and it’s not uncommon to see Czechs have lunch at pubs and bars. U Provaznice is highly rated due to its affordable price, authentic flavour and the food presentation. 

Duck and goose are the common poultry in the Czech cuisine. Be sure to try one of their duck dishes garnished with sweet plum sauce. It comes with Czech dumplings too so you can use it to soak up all the sauce!

I don’t recall any English menu there though, so be prepared.


Just like other European capitals, Prague has got a lot of museums, and also some weird and wonderful ones.

Check out one of these: 

You can also go to the touristy one like the National Museum if you want to. The Neo-Renaissance interior design and the architecture actually amazed me more compared to the exhibits.

If you are not a museum person, you can check out Prague Zoo or go on a river cruise instead. 

Wenceslas Square

One of my favourite desserts while in Europe, the trdlnk (although I can't pronounce it).

Stroll along the 5th Avenue of Prague. Do some souvenir shopping if you want. Make sure you try Trdelník (a Czech-styled split cake).


Prague’s gotta be one of the best party cities in Europe. That’s why it’s also one of my favourite cities in Europe <3. There’s a reason why the Czech Republic has the highest consumption of beer in the world. It’s freaking 142.6 litres per person per year. You know how much that is? I don’t even know.

Prague has it all: nightclubs, countless pubs, underground cave bars (I know right!), rooftop terraces, dive bars and beer gardens. How can you not party in this city? Moreover, beer in Prague is cheap. Even if you are not a fan of beer, other kinds of alcohol will be relatively cheap compared to Western Europe. 

Famous clubs are:

  • Karlovy Lazne Club (largest club in Central Europe)
  • Retro (Cheaper and equally lit)
  • Sasazu (more expensive, but normally they have international DJs) 

Day Trips

Sedlec Ossuary by Milan Boers (CC-BY, via Flickr)

Kutna Hora – Sedlec Ossuary is a must-go destination while in Prague. It is a Roman Catholic chapel which the interior was made entirely out of bones. The chapel is said to contain skeletons of 40,000 – 70,000 people. Upon entering the main hall, you’ll be invited by the masterpiece, which is a chandelier made out of at least one from every human bone. 

Look at how colourful the buildings are in Karlovy Vary!

If Sedlec Ossuary is a bit too much for you to handle, Karlovy Vary might be a better alternative. It is 2 hours away from Prague by car. This idyllic town is so timeless that as if everything stops when you are there. Dotted with top notch spa resorts, Karlovy Vary is also a famous spa town in Central Europe. 

This charming little small town is a must-go if you are in the Czech Republic!

Cesky Krumlov – I think a day trip is probably too short to see everything in Cesky Krumlov. You can make it a 2-day trip and move on to somewhere else. I will dedicate a post to Cesky Krumlov soon. 


Stay in one of the best hostels in Prague! Dream hostel is located in a side street off one of the main roads. Super convenient! The rooms are very clean too!


Strategically located in the centre of Prague, Prague Roof Apartment is located close to trams, metros and other amenities. You will love this apartment!


To perfect your stay in Prague, stay with Eurostars Legends. The interior décor features the beauty of Prague. It is designed for the royalty.

Travelling in Europe: The Essentials


Sim Card




  1. The official website for public transport in Bratislava is It can be difficult to use. However, there are many useful information such as ticket prices and public transport rules.
  2. When I travel in Europe, I just use Moovit when I have to use the public transport. Moovit is available in Prague.
  3. Use City Mapper in conjunction. It was named as the best map app in Europe.
  4. There are a few websites to check out if you are travelling to another city from Bratislava:
    • Student Agency: This is a Czech bus company that is not only for students despite the name. In fact, they have really cheap tickets as the price is fixed.
    • Regiojet: Trains that serve many routes to and from Prague
    • FlixBus: A German bus company that operates in 29 countries in Europe. Now has Flixtrain too!
    • Rome2Rio: A website that allows you to see potential routes between cities.
    • BlaBlaCar: If you are on a budget, try out this carsharing platform which gets you to many places!

Sim Card:

Get a sim card before leaving for Europe to save the hassle of navigating in some languages that you aren’t familiar with.

Sim Options would be your best bet as they deliver fast. The telecommunication companies offered are actually based in major European countries.

Get your Sim at Sim Options today! They need some days to deliver it to you!

I recommend the company “3” because it is present in many European countries and data plans are great:

  1. If you are in Europe for less than 30 days – Smart Gold plan by 3 
  2. If you are in Europe for a few months – Smart Platinum plan by 3

Pocket wifi:
Alternatively, you could opt for a pocket wifi which allows you to connect to multiple devices. This is perfect if you travel in a group or if you have a few devices that needs internet connection concurrently.

I always opt for TEP wireless because they are fast and reliable. Superb customer service too!


If you are not on AirBnB yet, you need to be! 

AirBnB is a great alternative to conventional accommodation. Often, you get more bangs for your bucks too.

Sign up to AirBnB with this link and get $25 instantly! 

Travel Insurance:

I swear by travel insurance these days. So many things could go wrong and the trip of your lifetime can end up horribly wrong.

When it comes to travel insurance, I just go with World Nomads. It’s quick and claims are processed pretty quickly. 

Please buy it if you can. Hopefully you don’t have to use it. However, in the unfortunate circumstances that you have to use it, you will thank me for a long time. 

You are welcome.

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Going to Prague soon and don't have too much time? Check this Prague Itinerary out!
Going to Prague soon and don't have too much time? Check this Prague Itinerary out!
Going to Prague soon and don't have too much time? Check this Prague Itinerary out!

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