Day Trip to Healesville and Warburton

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Melbourne is a great city to live in. The best thing? This metropolitan is blessed with many day trip options. Some of them are less than an hour away!

One of the most popular Melbourne day trip options is the renowned wine region known as Yarra Valley.

However, Yarra Valley is a large area to cover. If you only have a day, see the best of Yarra Valley! This Melbourne day trip itinerary will be covering mainly Healesville and Warburton! 

Healesville and Warburton can be easily done together as a day trip given their proximity.

If you are planning to see everything listed below, start driving at 7am!

The Flying Apron Patisserie, Warburton

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the flying patisserie french pastry warburton breakfast cafe

Start your day with one of the best cafés around the area – The Flying Apron Patisserie. The owner is French-trained and everything in store is locally sourced.

The cappuccino that I got from the Flying Apron had an unbeatable fragrance. Their coffee is brewed with coffee beans from Silva Yarra Valley Coffee Roasters. It was love at first sight so I had to buy a packet home.

Besides, the lemon tart and the blueberry cheese pie there were divine.

Highly recommend coming here hungry!

There is a small fromagerie that’s located next to the patisserie. Give it a quick visit if you are a cheese lover so you can stock up on some cheese for the day! Or to bring back to Melbourne.

The Redwood Forest, Warburton

Head up to the Redwood Forest to breathe in some fresh air! Surrounded by ginormous trees, you are gonna feel the oomph of the place as soon as you step in the forest.

Bodhivana Buddhist Monastery, Warburton

There’s a modest Buddhist monastery that’s just a short drive away from the Redwood Forest.

Rainforest Gallery, Warburton

rainforest gallery warburton yarra valley

Next up, head to the Rainforest Gallery. There’s a lookout platform and a boardwalk to get closer to nature.

Drive to Healesville

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You could take either C505 or C506 to drive to Healesville. I highly recommend going through C505. Not only it’s a scenic drive, you will drive past some areas of interest, including Mt Donna Buang observation tower and 10 Mile picnic area, which can be snowy during the winter months.

St. Ronan's Cider + Badger Creek Blueberry Winery

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st ronan cider

You will pass by St. Ronan’s Cider and Badger Creek Blueberry Winery once you join C506. I highly recommend giving this place a quick visit. The pear cider is to die for! Great flavours packed in a cheeky little red can with no added sugar or concentrate. I am not particularly sold by the blueberry wine but it’s worth a try! After all, how often do you get to try blueberry wine?

Lunch in Yarra Valley

Once you’re in Healesville, you’ll be spoilt for choices in terms of lunch options. If you are going during the peak season, I highly recommend booking a place to dine in for lunch as these places are normally packed.

My Little Kitchen, Healesville

my little kitchen rockling fillet lunch brunch plate victoria healesville

I dined at My Little Kitchen Cafe and the food was divine. The MLK Zucchini & Mint Fritters was fantabulous! Every single bite was explosive with flavours. The chermoula spiced rockling fillet was so fresh – the fish feels almost meaty because it was so juicy!

Other lunch options include Innocent Bystander and Bodhi Tree Restaurant.

Healesville Town Area

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There are a few cute little shops to explore around in the Healesville town area.

Four Pillars Gin Distillery, Healesville

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Next, head to Four Pillars Gin Distillery. Even if you’re not a gin love, this distillery is just a great place to be at. If you know what time you’ll be there, reserve a table so you can skip the waiting list.

As we went a month before Christmas, their gin testing menu included a complimentary glass of Christmas gin.

My favourite was their limited edition Bloody Shiraz Gin. Imagine their award-winning gin soaked with amazing Australian Shiraz grapes, what could go wrong?

Also, Four Pillars Gin Distillery is just amazing to photograph. Every turn you take is an Instagram opportunity.

Healesville Glass Blowing Studio

Once you’re a few G&T down, walk a few blocks down to Healesville Glass Blowing Studio. It is basically a gallery of glasses – just make sure you don’t break anything!

Domaine Chandon, Yarra Valley

Depending on how you’re doing for time, highly recommend checking out Domaine Chandon as well. It’s on the way back when you’re driving back to Melbourne. Not only the vineyard is aesthetically pleasing, the wine is so yummy too! They close at 4:30pm so make sure you plan your time well!

Dinner in Yarra Valley

Finish your day by dining in another award winning restaurant around the area.

A few recommendations include Meletos, Levantine Hill and Coombe Yarra Valley.

Accommodation in Yarra Valley

If you are planning to stay for the night, I recommend staying around Healesville area just because it is more accessible to shops and restaurants.

One of the cheapest options would be Healesville Hotel. It is strategically located in Healesville. Moreover, it is well-rated. For the price, definitely a bargain! 

Stay in a Victorian house. The best thing? A queen room that comes with spa bath. Be sure to snatch up this great deal before it’s gone as it’s super popular! It’s not too pricey as well! 

Want your own space? Stay in this apartment! This modern apartment has an open living plan and a deck with mountain views! Highly recommend booking in advance! 

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There are so many day trips in Melbourne that you could do but the best of all? Day trip to Yarra Valley! This full day trip itinerary is gonna tell you the best restaurants in Healesville, best cheese, wine, cider, gin, coffee and everything that else that you need to know! #healesville #yarravalley #melbourne #visitmelbourne
There are so many day trips in Melbourne that you could do but the best of all? Day trip to Yarra Valley! This full day trip itinerary is gonna tell you the best restaurants in Healesville, best cheese, wine, cider, gin, coffee and everything that else that you need to know! #healesville #yarravalley #melbourne #visitmelbourne