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Just recently, Bangkok edged out London and was ranked as the world’s most frequented travel destination by Mastercard. Bangkok lures people from everywhere because it is an affordable travel destination. That simply means shopping in Bangkok is also one of the best!

Call us the risk-takers, guys. When my parents and I went to Bangkok, all of us only brought an extra change of clothes there as we know that we are gonna fill up our luggage with all our new found goodies.

Follow my guide and know where are the 5 best places to go shopping in Bangkok!

Note: I categorized all the places from the cheapest place to the most expensive place to shop. I also quoted a range of prices that you can get for a piece of clothing.

Pratunam Morning Market

Price Range: Crazy cheap

Price for a piece of clothing: 80 Baht – 250 Baht (wholesale price)

Shopping in Bangkok is not complete without going to Pratunam Morning Market. Located at the central of the shopping district, it is easily accessible. As it is the largest clothing market in Thailand, a shopaholic shall never miss it.

I remember waking up really early in the morning because from what I read on the web, the market opens at around 6:00am. It wasn’t entirely true as different shops have different opening hour. My suggestion is to reach there at around 6:30am – 7:00am so that you can grab the best offers!

Pratunam Morning Market
Pratunam Morning Market before the hustle bustle.
Yeah you didn't see that wrong. It's 120 Baht for one piece of clothing.

Although it’s really cheap, the quality might be compromised. Do not shop too impulsively here and choose carefully! 

During every contemplation of buying a piece of clothing, consider if you are gonna wear it when you get back. You will regret when you fill your precious luggage space with clothes that you are gonna hang in your wardrobe for 2 decades before donating it to the nearest charity.

If you are with friends or family, it’s great to pool your shopping together because most of the shops will offer you the wholesale price when you buy 3 pieces of the similar style. 

Also, polish your bargaining skill here.

More details available here!

Platinum Fashion Mall

Price Range: Cheap

Price for a piece of clothing: 200 Baht – 500 Baht

This is definitely the shopping haven of Bangkok and I personally find this as the best place to go shopping in Bangkok. 

It is a shopping centre. That means it provides a more pleasant and conducive shopping environment compared to Pratunam Morning Market. It is also pretty well known among the tuk-tuk and taxi drivers so coming here won’t be a problem.

Platinum Fashion Mall is slightly more expensive than Pratunam Market but the quality you can get here is also better. 

Compared to Pratunam Morning Market, there are slightly more options for males in Platinum Fashion Mall 

The floor plan of Platinum Fashion Mall is very well structured. 

4th floor is dedicated to men’s fashion. Walk lane-by-lane as this is the best strategy to not miss any shop. 

If you can’t gather 3 pieces of clothing that you would like to get the wholesale price, look out for racks set up in front of the store selling very cheap bargains! 

For males, apart from 4th floor, you can also quickly browse through the floors below as well. Although ground floor to 3rd floor is more dedicated to women’s fashion, you can find shops selling men’s fashion as well. 

For females, you can easily spend a whole day here and still not have the time to visit every single store. 

The 5th floor is specifically for footwear. 

There are a few shops selling food so if your tummy and your legs are protesting, please fulfill them. They served you well.

PS: The 3-pieces-for-wholesale-price rule works here as well.

platinum mall

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Price Range: Cheap

Price for a piece of clothing: 150 Baht – 500 Baht

Also known as JJ weekend market, Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the biggest weekend markets in the world. Contrary to Platinum Fashion Mall and Pratunam Morning Market which mostly sell clothing, you can find literally everything that you can think of in Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Chatuchak Weekend market

It has more than 8000 stalls. It is a maze.

You cannot conquer this market in 2 days (as it’s a weekend market). 

Chatuchak Weekend Market has a lot of narrow alleyways without good ventilation. If you feel like you’re suffocating, that’s probably an indication for you to get out of the market to get some fresh air; good for your body, good for your wallet.

If you got too impulsive and bought too much, that’s not a big deal as there are courier services available just at the peripheries of the market. You can mail them straight back to home and continue on your shopping spree.

Although there are a lot of food in Chatuchak Weekend Market, I personally prefer Or Tor Kor market, which is situated just opposite to Chatuchak Weekend Market. 

It is a clean market catered to Thai people with higher spending power, and the quality of food there is beyond amazing.

dog, puppy, chatuchak market
Told you that you can get anything and everything in Chatuchak weekend market.

Srinakarin Train Market

Price range: Crazy cheap to moderately expensive

Price for a piece of clothing: 20 Baht – 1000 Baht

Srinakarin Train Market is my favorite market of all! Although it is not as centrally located as the markets mentioned above, I think it has a very hipster and chill vibe.

srinakarin night market, bangkok night market, night market, asia, cheap clothes
If you have a soft spot for counterfeit goods, this market is for you.

Just next to the night market, there is a massive mall (Seacon Square). So if the mosquitoes are bothering you, you can shop in Seacon Square as well, although it might not be as cheap and exciting.

There are a lot of cafes, bars, bistros and street food stalls for you to grab a beer or sample some street food after hours of reckless shopping.

Old school bars are everywhere in this market.


Price Range: Crazy expensive

Price for a piece of clothing: 500 Baht and beyond

This new and posh Asiatique is a tourist destination that is located just by the Chao Phraya river. 

It is a shopping/ food avenue characterized by the fusion of American, European and Asian elements. It has a Ferris wheel, numerous famous restaurant chains here, a 4D cinema, international fine-dining restaurants and cocktail bars lining along the waterfront promenade.

That’s why it is expensive.

Shopping here is not much of a difference compared to shopping at your home country as you mostly find international brands here. 

Unlike other conventional markets in Bangkok, Asiatique is very grandiose and clean. The architecture makes you feel as if you are in Europe. 

There is also a shuttle tram that is free for everyone. At the Town Square district, there is an open-air food plaza and it is surrounded by lots of outdoor space for various events. The best perk about going to Asiatique is you get to enjoy everything all at once; scenery, culture, architecture, history, entertainment, shopping and food!

Everything here is super chic, and that explains the price tags.

As taxis here are crazily expensive as well, take the free shuttle boat going to Sathorn / Central Pier (Saphan Taksin sky train station). It runs every 15 minutes, from 4pm to 8pm.

Asiatique from far.

Shopping in Bangkok is definitely a fulfilling experience. Indulge in the shopping mania going on in Bangkok and shop like as if there is no tomorrow!

If you would like a complete itinerary for 3 days in Bangkok, check this out!

Get a cheap and comprehensive sim card before you depart for Bangkok! 

Where to stay?

Bangkok is huge and that’s why I recommend staying around Siam Paragon. You’d be literally INSIDE the shopping haven! 

As the traffic is horrendous in Bangkok, you can make full use of the BTS and Metro system that are conveniently located at this area. You can go to Chatuchak, Saphan Taksin Pier (for Wat Arun and the River Tour) and other places easily. Should you want to hail a taxi/uber/tuk-tuk, trust me you can get it 24/7 if you are staying in this area.

Budget – Budget travelling is pretty easy in Bangkok. Siam Square house is a fabulous choice for thrifty travellers – it is one of the most comprehensive boutique hotels that I have stayed in! Stayed in this place 3 times already and will come back anytime!

Comfortable – Pathumwan Princess Hotel is my parents’ go-to hotel choice when we go to Bangkok for a weekend. It’s new and I love the staff (even though I would say Thais are generally really nice people!).

Highend – Pamper yourself and stay at InterContinental Bangkok. Check their availability earlier as they tend to have a full house most of the time as Bangkok is the most visited city in the world!

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Shopping in Bangkok is one of the best in Asia because it's so cheap! Check out the 5 places that you have to go if you wanna go on a shopping spree while in Bangkok!
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