Pratunam Morning Market: My favourite market in Bangkok

Updated: 04/04/2020

When I went to Bangkok for the first time, I was out of fresh clothes. I could have done laundry, but I heard that there’s a better deal – shopping in Pratunam Morning Market. Rumour has it that a piece of clothing can cost as low as 2 USD. 

So I went and tried to debunk that myth. Well, it’s pleasantly true. Sometimes it can go even cheaper. 

There are a lot of markets in Bangkok for you to choose from. But, if you love shopping for clothes, Pratunam Morning Market is definitely your best bet. Here’s why and how you should do it right.

Everything in this shop is priced at 120 Baht!

Clothes are incredibly cheap in Pratunam morning Market

If you are coming to South East Asia for the first time, you are very likely to fly into the Thai capital as the start of your journey. If you did not overpack, it is a good idea to go to Pratunam Morning Market to stock up on some clothes that are well suited to the South East Asian climate. It can get really hot at times and this is how you can survive the hot weather.

Bangkok also might be your last destination in South East Asia before flying out from the region. In that case, you can shop for some clothes for your loved ones or even for yourselves! 

And we love cheap, don’t we? But how cheap are the clothes in this market? 

You can get a piece of clothing as cheap as 80 baht. However, if you buy more (3 pieces of clothing from the same shop), they can cost as little as 150 baht. That’s 50 baht (or 1.50 USD) per piece! Clothes that are nicer normally cost around 150 baht for one, but you can get 3 of them for 400 baht. Time to polish up your bargaining skill!

With that price, you are not gonna get very good quality clothes. But if you just need to stock up some singlets for your upcoming island adventures or if you just want to go on a shopping spree, Pratunam Morning Market is your best bet!

The clothes here are mainly for female. There are a few shops for males but there aren’t too many options. Sorry guys (literally). If you are down for serious shopping, you should totally visit Pratunam Mall, as there is a whole floor (4th floor if my memory didn’t fail me) dedicated to men’s fashion.

Personal tips: 

  • If you are going on a crazy shopping spree, make sure to bring along your luggage case or a large strong laundry/shopping bag that can be dragged along. Carrying them while shopping will be a pain in the arse.
  • Bring your friends/family along! The clothes are normally cheaper than the stated price if you are buying 3 pieces of garments. 
This is the drag-able laundry bag that I am talking about. These people are seriously so well prepared.

Pratunam morning market is centrally located

Pratunam market is strategically located in the heart of the city. It’s a stone throw away from major hotels like Centara Grand Hotel or Arnoma Grand Hotel. You can also catch a tuk tuk ride or walk from the Chit Lom BTS station along Sukhumvit line

If you are hungry, there are a lot of convenient stores located near Pratunam Morning Market. You can have street food as well but I am not really sure about the fate of the street food stalls around that area after Bangkok has passed the law of banning most street food vendors in the vital part of Bangkok in 2018. Go while you can!!! 

Bangkok is gonna be so different without street food (although I strongly believe that the street food scene will survive because it’s such a big part of their identity)!

After shopping at the Pratunam Morning Market and if you still crave for more clothes, go to Platinum Mall (or Pratunam Mall) to continue shopping. You can also walk to Central World, which is the 10th largest shopping complex in the world.

Central World has more branded labels so if that tickles your fancy, go for it. If not, you can go to Baiyoke Sky Hotel and enjoy the view of this busy metropolitan from the highest building in Bangkok.

Personal tips:

  • When I was in Bangkok for the first time, Pratunam Morning Market was still not a big hit for tourists yet. However, it has gained popularity of late especially among tourists from other South East Asian countries. Pickpocketing tends to happen. So, take good care of your belongings as pick-pocketing tends to happen to shoppers who paid too much attention to the clothes.
  • Negotiate with your tuk tuk driver before going to Pratunam Market. Tuk tuk drivers in Bangkok will ALWAYS overcharge.
After Pratunam Morning Market, walk across to Pratunam Mall!

Pratunam Morning Market is huge

You will definitely find something that you’re after in Pratunam Morning Market. From shoes to singlets, there are so many vendors (and the clothes that they sell tend to not repeat from vendors to vendors). Polish your bargaining skills here.

Selling mainly clothes, there are also vendors selling small items that can be brought home as souvenirs. 

Personal tips: 

  • Don’t bother coming back to the same shop as you are not likely to find it again. If you like it, bargain to the price that you’re happy to pay and buy it. 
  • Have an organised approach to fully explored Pratunam Morning Market. Explore from alley to alley.  
We got to Pratunam Morning Market too early and there was almost no one there!

Pratunam Morning Market Opening Hours

In Pratunam Morning Market, there are two kinds of vendors. The first kind of vendors have their own shops and they open from morning till late evening. The second kind of vendors does not own any storefront. They just lay out the items that they are selling on the street and often, that’s where you find the best deal.

Hence, there isn’t a strict opening hour. Shopkeepers start to set up their shop at 6:00 am but it really depends on the shops. The vendors set up a bit later.

You will hear people asking you to go as early as possible as you often get the best deal. However, there’s not much of a point if you get to the market too early – most of the shops are not open anyways! We got to Pratunam Morning Market at 6:00 am and that was way too early.

My suggestion is to go to Pratunam Morning Market before rush hour just because it sucks to be stuck in a traffic jam, especially when it’s Bangkok. Even if you get there at 6:45 am, you will still get very good deals anyways as the clothes are already very cheap. Don’t get there too late, as the markets only go on until 9:00 or 10:00 am. Also, it can get really hot and stuffy in the market when the sun is up high.

So, happy shopping!

Where to stay?

Bangkok is huge and that’s why I recommend staying around Siam Paragon. As the traffic is horrendous in Bangkok, you can make full use of the BTS and Metro system that are conveniently located at this area. You can go to Chatuchak, Saphan Taksin Pier (for Wat Arun and the River Tour) and other places easily. Should you want to hail a taxi/uber/tuk-tuk, trust me you can get it 24/7 if you are staying in this area.

Budget – Budget travelling is pretty easy in Bangkok. Siam Square house is a fabulous choice for thrifty travellers – it is one of the most comprehensive boutique hotels that I have stayed in! Stayed in this place 3 times already and will come back anytime!

Comfortable – Pathumwan Princess Hotel is my parents’ go-to hotel choice when we go to Bangkok for a weekend. It’s new and I love the staff (even though I would say Thais are generally really nice people).

High-end – Wanna pamper yourself and score yourself a staycation? Look no further and stay at InterContinental Bangkok. Check their availability earlier as they tend to have a full house most of the time as Bangkok is the most visited city in the world. 

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Pratunam Morning Market, Bangkok, Thailand, shopping in bangkok, shopping at pratunam morning market
Pratunam Morning Market, Bangkok, Thailand, shopping in bangkok, shopping at pratunam morning market

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