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Started learning the violin when I was 12 years old. After 10 years of ear torture, I think I am finally getting the hang of it.

Medical Student

I study a full-time medical degree in Melbourne, Australia. I travel whenever I have holidays (and try to debunk the myth of medical students are all nerds).

Budget Traveller

As I am a student, I keep my budget as low as possible. The best I've done? Travel in Europe for less than $35 a day and still enjoyed it so much!

True Foodie

Despite being thrifty, I will not save on food. I will have that second serving of gelato in Italy and that sushi buffet in Japan. My tummy is very happy about it.

Welcome to my humble blog of Aaron Gone Travel. Yes, that’s me! I am Aaron, the medical student running this blog.

I was born in Malaysia, into a family that loves to travel but was restricted by our weak currency. We did travel, but mainly in Asia. We’ve never been elsewhere because it simply costs too much.

It wasn’t until when I had to go to London for an interview at the tender age of 18. Honestly, it was terrifying to fly to a country that speaks a language that I wasn’t too comfortable speaking. To add to that, I had to do this all alone because it would be too expensive for either of my parents to come along. I did my best in the interview but unfortunately, I did not get the place to study my degree there.

However, it wasn’t an unfruitful trip to the United Kingdom because I caught the travel bug. As the UK was the first western country that I had been in my life, everything was very different to me. I explored London and most parts of Wales, finding that I was actually enjoying something that I thought I wouldn’t do in my life, which was solo travelling.

Fast forward to a year later, I got an offer to study medicine at Monash University, Australia. And to add to that, I was really lucky to win a full scholarship! My travel bug didn’t stop as my degree commenced. I often took day-trips to go to the city or to hike. I seize all the opportunities that I have (read: long weekends, Easter break, winter and summer break) to travel within Australia.

Later that year, I bought a one-way ticket to Paris. I solo-backpacked in Europe for 10 weeks. In terms of my travel fund, I refused to get money from my parents so I had to save up from the allowances of the scholarship. I want to see if budget travelling was really feasible and enjoyable. And the truth is, I loved every single bit of it. The more amazing thing was, it costs me less than $35 a day!

Solo backpacking and budget travelling – BANG! That was how Aaron Gone Travel was formed. On this website, I mainly share about money-saving tips, itineraries, travel guides, food guides, walking guides and other relevant travel information. I also write about my struggles trying to find a balance between travelling and my degree, my (mis)adventure and something that I’ve learnt while on the road!

There are many travel blogs out there talking about travelling indefinitely. Of course, many dream about it. But for some of us, it’s not feasible just yet (especially when you have a grueling degree). It might be that you have to take care of your parents, or you have a tremendous amount of work commitment, or your partner isn’t buying the idea of travelling indefinitely with you. The internet lacks a presence of blogger or people working full-time addressing these difficulties.

Honestly, travel doesn’t have to be that hard! Travel doesn’t always involve life-changing decisions like quitting your job / breaking up with your partner / ditching your family for five years / dropping out of school. Be it a weekend getaway, or a 2-week trip to Europe, or a month-long adventure in South East Asia, you do it your way. Be it a luxurious 5-star hotel staycation, or a 5 USD hostel bunk bed, you will find your own travel style.

Finally, don’t waste your hard-earned money! Aaron Gone Travel is a budget travel blog which will keep you updated with personal budget travel tips! Follow me on different social media platforms and let’s make travel possible!

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