polish sausages at the christmas market at krakow
Would you look at these beautifully grilled Polish sausages?

Where to eat in Krakow?

Polish food is underrated. Living in Melbourne, there isn’t a huge Polish food scene present. Maybe it’s too far away from Poland… When I was in Krakow, I was so lucky to be able to be hosted by one of the craziest foodies I know. Gosia knows Polish food inside out and sees what she says about where to eat in Krakow!

Polish traditional tomato soup at Gospoda Koko, Krakow
Thinking of where to eat in Krakow? You can't skip Gospoda Koko and even Polish rave about it! Definitely get the tomato soup!!

Gospoda Koko

Where to eat in Krakow? Gospoda Koko has to come up top in the list! This is the top of my list simply because of the price and the quality of food that you get! You can choose a soup and a second dish from the main menu and pay only 14 zł (3.70 USD). This is Gosia’s favourite place to eat out when she was a student. When she doesn’t know where to eat in Krakow, she said her legs will just subconsciously bring her here. The food here is authentic, extremely tasty and portions are ginormous. You can even collect stamps and get your tenth lunch for free – if you do come here every day, that is. PS: 0.5 l of the cheapest beer costs only 5 zł (1.30 USD) – you can totally pre-drink here!

Przystanek Pierogarnia

When Gosia brought me here, I did not expect the shop to be this small. I did not expect the pierogi to be this amazing too! This is the most pleasant surprise that I had encounter in Krakow. There are many kinds of pierogi to choose from but all of them taste super good. 

Dill and leek soup Polakowski​Krakow
Polish soup is so hearty and warm - the best thing you can have!


When I asked Gosia where to eat in Krakow, she said I must go to a soup kitchen. It’s not the soup kitchen that you’re thinking about. It’s a restaurant that’s specialised in making soup. Poland is very big on soup, especially in winter. According to Gosia, the tomato soup at Polakowski tastes just like her mom’s. Also, they have daily specials and it’s mostly stews. Those stews are to die for. It is a beacon of light when you’re so lost in your days. 

Where to eat in Krakow pork chop with mashed potatoes
Pork chop is incredibly juicy in Krakow. I am always paranoid about it being too dry or too chewy but obviously the Polish have mastered the art of cooking a perfect piece of pork chop!

Smakolyki Restaurant

Amazing service, great view of the bustling trams and traffic, unbeatable prices… I don’t have to convince you too much to come to Smakolyki. There is English menu and when I was here, most of the waiting staff speak fluent English so you’ll have no problem. 

Restauracja U Babci Maliny

One of the best food in Krakow. Please try the żurek and pierogi there. One insider’s tips though: dining underground will be more expensive as compared to dining at ground floor. However, I recommend dining underground – once you step into it, you feel like you’re in a fantasy.

where to eat in krakow chicken liver with beer kuchnia domowa
Thinking of what and where to eat in Krakow? Get yourself a plate of perfectly sautéed chicken liver and creamy mashed potato at Kuchnia Domowa, Krakow!

Kuchnia Domowa

I don’t think many people know about this place. When I was dining here, I was the only tourist. And when you see that you’re the only tourist here, you know that the polish food here is definitely authentic.

The waiter strongly recommended the chicken livers sautéed with herbs. I had some chicken livers and I am now a total convert. Where to eat in Krakow? Sorted.

Squid at michelin starred restaurant, zazie Krakow
Zazie Bistro is my first, actual Michelin-starred restaurant experience in my life! It was fantastic and I guess it set the standard of my next Michelin restaurant really high! PS - the squid is incredibly tender!


Zazie is my first Michelin experience in my life, and it has definitely lived up to my expectations. When I was thinking about where to eat in Krakow, I searched up some places on Bib Gourmand hoping that I would get a suggestion that would be easy on my wallet.

The reason why I chose to go there is because it doesn’t carry the Michelin price tag! I couldn’t make a booking as they were booked for the entire fortnight. I decided to walk in and the wait staff kindly asked me to wait for 5 minutes so that they could accommodate me. Service and wine list were impeccable. The seafood is incredibly fresh (I wonder how as Krakow has no sea) and the mushrooms… I’m drooling just thinking about the experience that I had at Zazie. You have to come here!

polish pork hock at Christmas Market in Krakow
Looking at these pork hocks make me salivate - the pork hocks at the Christmas Market in Krakow are beyond imagination.

Warsztat Restaurant and Cafe

Kazimierz has become more and more touristy. If you want to have some authentic Polish cuisine without paying a world, head to Warsztat. It’s like the beginner kind of restaurant that Gosia recommended her non-Polish friends, including me, to try first to have a comprehensive understanding of this rich cuisine. If you are less adventurous, you could have huge bowls of pasta. You could easily order one to share for two, you’re still going to be full!

Bar Uniwersytecki

I am a university student. Most eateries around a university are usually cheap. Bar Uniwersytecki is no exception. Thinking of where to eat in Krakow without going to hard on your wallet? Come here for some really cheap, decent pierogis (5 zl) and potato pancakes(8 zl) on Czysta street. 

Where to stay?

Public transport in Krakow really easy to use. However, buses are not very frequent. If you only have 2-3 days in Krakow, I strongly recommend staying at one of the below (tried and tested, extremely happy with both)! 

Pokoje Goscinne Sw. Anny – Stay in the heart of Krakow and not pay a fortune!! This cheap accommodation has been receiving raving reviews about its strategic location and cleanliness! The market square is just 50m away – literally a stone’s throw away! Book fast before you lose your room as this place is always fully booked. When I was staying in Krakow for 5 nights – it was full house all the time!

Aparthotel Stare Miasto – I always choose to stay in an apartment instead of a hotel if I am paying a decent price. I just think local businesses deserve more of our monetary support. Aparthotel Stare Miasto has amazing interior decors – I would love to know who’s the interior designer! Check in is easy, location is central, totally instagrammable – what else could I ask for?

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Wondering where to eat in Krakow? Check out this list of Polish restaurants recommended by my friend from Poland! #krakow #restaurant #foodie #poland
Wondering where to eat in Krakow? Check out this list of Polish restaurants recommended by my friend from Poland! #krakow #restaurant #foodie #poland

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