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Prices in a more upscale restaurant in Bali. This should let you have an idea of how much money you will spend in Bali.

How much spending money for Bali?

Updated on the 7/4/2020

Bali is amazing. The good thing about Bali is you can spend a fortune here, or you can be as thrifty as you want and spend close to nothing. The question is, how much money will you be spending in Bali for a week?

I am a pretty frugal backpacker. I try to be conscious of my spending. 

However, I didn’t want to be counting my expenditure throughout my journey and go all panic because I have overspent by 5 dollars on a glass of mojito, which happened multiple times.

Many have told me that I didn’t need much spending money in Bali. 

If you are only travelling around the mainland, it’s actually fine. You won’t require much spending money once you are in Bali. 

This is an overview of how much things cost in Bali:

satay pusut bali ayam taliwang spending money in Bali
One of my favourite restaurants in Bali - Ayam Bakar Taliwang Baru! They are famous for their ayam taliwang. You don't have to spend a fortune in Bali to have good food!

Spending Money in Bali - Food

I think food contributes the most of my expenditure in Bali. I love food too much. Soon I will be posting another article on all the places in Bali that you should try if you love traditional Balinese cuisine!

australian coffee flat white revolver express
There are so many Australians here - meaning there's no shortage of good, Aussie coffee! You're paying around the same price as you would in Melbourne for this cup of coffee too! 35k for this flat white excluding tax.

Spending Money in Bali - Groceries

I actually think that eating out is cheaper than buying groceries if you’re just in Bali for a week or two. If you do want to allocate some spending money in Bali on groceries, these would be the common items:

cocktail at marriott bali hat
Enjoying my cocktail at Marriott on a lazy afternoon. It cost me 90k during happy hour.

Expenditure in Bali - Alcohol

Lemme tell you what – you can EASILY overspend in Bali if you don’t watch your budget!! It’s really chill and nek minute you are 5 beers down and 25 dollars poorer.

potato head bali afternoon beach club

Expenditure in Bali - Transport

Bali is an island. But it’s definitely not a small island. On top of the traffic jam, you are looking at spending at least 3-5 hours on the road if you are moving to different areas (Sanur to Seminyak itself can take 2 hours ONE-WAY YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT).

Accommodation - how much to spend in Bali

Other necessities

How much money did I spend in Bali?

I spent around 7,500,000 rupiah during my 2-week stay in Bali. 

My vacation consists of a lot of street food, some of the best meals in high-end restaurants, cocktails at beach clubs during happy hour, a lot of gojek rides, some (or a lot) of clubbing, some massage, some cheap shopping, some hostel nights…

There might or might not be a staycation at a chalet by the beach. And also 1 full suit and 3 shirts – all tailor-made.

I could’ve done it cheaper but I didn’t want to! After all, it doesn’t cost too much to splurge a little in Bali.

If you are wondering about how much spending money you should have while in Bali, 3 million rupiah for a week is way too much for a budget traveller. 

5 million rupiah per week for spending money in Bali is a good estimate if you wanna splurge a little with the few extra spas, massages and surfing classes. 

Where to stay?

Accommodation options in Bali are plenty. However, depending on your budget and where you wanna stay, you can narrow it down to a few. 

These are the accommodation that I like the most during my stay in Bali so I am gonna share it here.

Budget – Hostel prices in Bali start at 5$ AUD but if you want a little privacy and don’t mind paying a bit more, I recommend staying at Pondok Taksu Bali – Kuta area (cost around 120k per person per night). Most of the cheaper accommodation options are at Kuta. Personally, I much prefer Seminyak. 

Comfortable – If you are going to stay at Seminyak, stay at M and D Guesthouse. Not only it’s close to everywhere you need to go, they also have superb service. Feeling hungry at 11pm? No problemo, because countless eateries are literally right outside of you.

High-end – To pamper yourself, stay with Karmagali Suites at Sanur Beach. I much prefer Sanur as compared to Nusa Dua because Nusa Dua is just tooooooo pricey. Karmagali Suites is an adult-only accommodation so you can be sure that no kids will be there to bother your lazy afternoon!

Get a cheap SIM card online

I speak Malay, which is a very close language to Indonesian.

However, every time I go to Indonesia, I always get charged a higher price as compared to the locals.

To save yourself that hassle, just get a cheap SIM card online

You can pick it up when you arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport. It costs 100,000 IDR/ 5.70 EUR/ 10 AUD for 30 days of internet (6GB) and other perks.

Please book a transfer from Ngurah Rai Airport

It is really hard to get out of Ngurah Rai International Airport without getting hassled and overcharged by taxi drivers. 

Also, you can’t order a rideshare service (Uber/ Grab) from the airport. 

There is no public transport that runs to the airport. 

The best way is just to book a private transfer from Ngurah Rai Airport to wherever you are staying. After all, it costs only 226,000 IDR / 13 EUR / 22.60 AUD.

Trust me, it is much much easier and the taxi that you get on the spot is going to overcharge you.

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how much spending money in bali for a week? I know you would ask that question! Check this post out for more information as I include my budget breakdown and most of the expected costs in Bali for you!
how much spending money in bali for a week? I know you would ask that question! Check this post out for more information as I include my budget breakdown and most of the expected costs in Bali for you!

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