Salamanca market crowd hobart australia stall crowded
This photo was taken at 8:30am at one of the entrances of Salamanca Market and it's already so packed!

My regrets with Salamanca Market

I travelled through the whole of Tasmania for 2 weeks, but I only made a quick stop in Hobart before flying out.

I missed out on one of the best markets in Hobart, if not Australia – Salamanca Market.

Little did I know that Salamanca Market is the biggest outdoor market not just in Tasmania, but the whole of Australia. 

I made myself a promise to go back to Hobart when I can. I live in Melbourne so that wasn’t too hard.

One quick flight and boom, here I am in Hobart!

shuttle bus green salamanca market hobart australia
Salamanca Market has a free shuttle bus service that runs through the Hobart CBD.

Salamanca Market Information

Salamanca Market opening hour is on every Saturday 8:30am – 3pm.

There is a shuttle bus that goes around the CBD and Salamanca Market. Find out more information about the shuttle bus here.

Salamanca Market Weather

I was in Hobart for a quick weekend getaway in February. I thought that the Australian summer would be able to warm this piece of land up. But it didn’t.

The antarctic winds were still tickling Hobart city with the temperature hovering at around 15C. I went out of my hostel, prepared to brace the morning cold because I know that something good is waiting for me.

I got to Salamanca place at around 8:30 am, Salamanca Market was already in full swing! 

There were many things to see so I decided to just have a quick browse.

chutney salamanca market free sample wood chinese character
I tried so many chutney samples from here for recipe insipiration and in the end, I got an apple and mustard see chutney with marsala. 'Twas a satisfying buy.

Shopping in Salamanca Market

My shopping mantra is inspired by one of my very close buddies – Charlyn. “I look at it. I put it down. If I still think about it, I will go back and buy it.” Very true words that I still stick to until these days.

I am impressed by the sheer size of the Salamanca Market. Lined with 300 stalls, this unassuming street attracts up to 40000 visitors per Saturday. 

Honey can hobart Tasmania australia salamanca market
I just love the design of these cans of honey!

Things in Salamanca Market

Artisanal products are overflowing in this plentiful market.

You can get anything you could think of from Salamanca Market. Custom-made chopping board, kangaroo jerky, champagne jam, lavender soap, french patisseries, Tasmanian cheese and wine, fresh berries, spices, gin, wallaby burritos, salmon steak, craft beers and more gin! 

I travelled light. With just a carry-on bag (and flying with Jetstar which is very strict with their carry-on limit), I always do some deep breathing and ask my conscious mind before buying anything. 

I ended up buying many things anyways.

The problem is I can’t say no to free sample. And when I tasted the free sample, I want to buy it. 

The free sample was the root of all evil.

Tips: You can do a quick browse all you want but it might be hard to find the stall again. Different stalls sell very different things so it’s really hard to compare the products. If you are happy with the price, just buy it to save you from the dire mortification to walk back this LONG stretch of Salamanca Market!

salamanca market chocolate tasmania
Free samples of different flavours of chocolate at Salamanca Market.
diffuser sticks tasmania hobart salamanca market
They extract Tasmanian ingredients to make these diffusers. I just had to buy one of it! The smell was sensational.
lavender soap salamanca market hobart purple
Lavender soap at Salamanca market.
truffle tasmania australia salamanca market
Of course they didn't let us try the truffle but they had free samples for truffle oil! Was one of the most intensely flavoured oil that I have tried.

What to Buy In Salamanca Market

I bought a champagne jam from a local. She made all her alcoholic jam (I know right!!!!) from her kitchen. While I was having a little chat with her, a little French boy went to her and I started speaking to him in French, asking what he was doing here. 

He told me that he was visiting his aunt (the jam lady) and he was due to go back after his holiday. We had a pretty lengthy conversation but all I could remember was him saying that he can’t drink alcohol but he loves the jam.

So is that how you get away from underage drinking?

Anyways, Salamanca Market in Hobart was also the first place that I tasted wallaby meat. 

It was a really quiet morning for this vendor. I asked if I’d like wallaby meat and this guy said, “you won’t even know it, it tastes like beef honestly”.

Honestly, there’s a small part in me that still thought that I might have been conned because it tasted EXACTLY like beef. 

Tip: Expect to come to this market and be able to have great food. Even if you can’t, there are many cafés around with great reputations that I will recommend down below.

Vodka black skull tasmania australia salamanca market
Look at the design of these gorgeous bottles. It's handwritten, each and every bottle!

Alcohol in Salamanca Market

Tasted many, many gin at 10 in the morning. Still proud of myself. Many wine and craft beers and other wonderful golden liquid which I can’t name.  

There was a gin vendor who put on a show for us. The normal colour for their gin is blue but once they added a few drops of lemon juice in there, it became purple. I was blown away. So I tried more sample.

I got a “ready to drink” bottle of cocktail made with their gin. Amazing negroni oh la la.

Cafés in Salamanca Market

There are many great food stalls and food trucks in Salamanca Market. If you are still not satisfied or if you are looking for a proper sit down café to enjoy your coffee, try Machine Laundry Café or Daci Daci Baker

In short, I think Salamanca Market is one of the best markets that I have been to in Australia. I think the size of the island allows everyone from Tasmania to come together and showcase the best that they have got. It is heartwarming for me to see that many tourists and locals alike are supporting the local produce. 

Now I totally understand when people say why they go to Tasmania to source their produce. Because it’s that good!

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Salamanca Market is the biggest outdoor market in Hobart, Australia! This article includes everything that you must know before you go to Salamanca Market! #salamancamarket #hobart #tasmania #australiamarket
Salamanca Market is the biggest outdoor market in Hobart, Australia! This article includes everything that you must know before you go to Salamanca Market! #salamancamarket #hobart #tasmania #australiamarket

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